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Service Upgrade

Do you have a Federal Pacific electrical panel? Are you planning on adding an AC condenser or Mini Split heat pumps to your home? Maybe an electric vehicle charger , or a hot tub? With the addition of any of those few items & many more , you may need to upgrade your existing electrical service to have the capacity to power all these future additions. Call / email today to receive a free quote on upgrading your electrical service so we can guarantee safe installations of future equipment , also setting you up for SOLAR!

Swimming Pool & Hot Tubs

If you are in the market for a new above / inground pool OR a hot tub , you should have a LICENSED & INSURED electrician perform any electrical work. Pools & hot tubs are one of the most OVERLOOKED jobs , and there are specific requirements for any installation involving water to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones

Kitchen Remodels

Looking to update your old / outdated kitchen? Choosing the right electrician for your home remodel is important , as usually the first things that catch your eyes are the electrical! We will provide you with as many options as we possibly can , allowing you to choose the exact layout that you’ve been dreaming of. Whether it’s recessed lighting , island pendant lights or under-cabinet lighting , we will be here with you to display all options.

EV Chargers

Whether you are in the market for an electric vehicle or have already purchased one , we are here to help with all your electrical vehicle charging needs. Ranging anywhere from 30 AMP EV chargers , to 100 AMP+ EV chargers.

Heating & Cooling System

If you are adding additional AC units to your home , Mini split heat pumps, or even a new hot water heating system we can handle all your electrical needs.

Interior & Exterior Lighting

We all know the first thing everyone notices driving by a home or buying a home , is the exterior ! If you are looking to replace your existing floodlights or outside lights with more modern , decorative lights you’ve come to the right place. We also offer Ring camera installations as-well as Ring doorbell installations ensuring you have 24/7 access to your beloved-home.

Why Choose Us

We are not a big corporation that is quick to send you a bill and never heard from again. We are a small company ( 1-2 employees ) , that take the absolute upmost pride in creating an interaction that our customers won’t forget. We are invited in your homes everyday and that takes a lot of trust in todays world, which we understand. We want customers that value trust & loyalty like we do. Our goal is to create the easiest possible process to get you from your initial problem or desire , to the solution with no road bumps. We thank all of our past/current customers and we hope to work with you soon!


We are providing the all of our services with high quality.

Reasonable Price

Our all high quality services are affordable.

Trusted by Clients

We are trusted by Clients due to quality services

Safe & Secure

All of our services are very safe and secure.


What Clients Say

I have used their services. I am very satisfied with their work. I love the way they work.

Robin W.

It was an amazing experience while working with ja electrical services. I will highly recommend.

Shams W.Pawel
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